Interview with THUNK!theatre

The second art event of our 2016-2017 season is a show by THUNK!theatre. THUNK!theatre is an ongoing collaboration between creators Karen Balcome and Geoff McBride. In the past three years, THUNK! has created theatrical productions that explore the boundaries of performance and audience interaction. This practice began with bread, a participatory piece first produced in 2013 at Ottawa’s undercurrents festival, […]

The PepTides – Oblivious Humans

Our very first season event, Oblivious Humans by The PepTides, was a screaming success! As soon as subscribers entered the venue they were in the midst of The PepTides Museum, featuring curated memorabilia from past PepTides work and surprise augmented reality animations hidden throughout using the Aurasma app. Subscribers scanned the museum with phones and […]

Who Are We?

Meeting with artists. Contacting businesses for partnership. Piloting an artist-in-residence project at Impact Hub Ottawa through CSArt. Running arts animations. Setting up at art fairs and open houses. Finding subscribers, contacting subscribers, trying to support subscribers. Supporting our season’s artists. Marketing, social media promotion, communications. Budgeting, cutting, budgeting again. Finding time for the growing pile […]