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The PepTides - Oblivious Humans, October 22nd, 2016

For the first offering of the season, Ottawa’s celebrated art pop music collective The PepTides bring you an evening in two parts.

The first is the Social/Antisocial Hour featuring a walk through our "cabinet of curiosities": a multimedia installation filled with carefully chosen artifacts from our artistic process—and perhaps a surprise or two.

The second is an up-close-and-personal performance experience, replete with sumptuous rhapsodies, spine-tingling harmonies, lipstick, heels and PVC. The songs you will hear, the brainchild of painter-turned-musician Claude Marquis, reveal the composer’s artfully provocative slant on love, hate, revenge, sex, religion, war, and getting ready for dates.

Just for tonight, we invite you to skip the meat and potatoes of life. Welcome to dessert.

Website: www.thepeptides.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepeptides

Credit: Jonathan Hobin (2012)

Credit: Andre Gagne (2016)

THUNK! Theatre30/50, November 25th, 2016

THUNK! Theatre invites you to a birthday party. This year both Karen Balcome and Geoff McBride are hitting milestones. Karen is turning 30 and Geoff 50. As part of their celebrations, the THUNK!ers will offer subscribers an experience around getting older. One part theatre show, one part ritual, all parts party! Join us for cake, cards and games. No need to bring presents, just your presence.

Facebook: facebook.com/THUNKTheatre
Twitter: twitter.com/thunktheatre

Past work:

Far & Near & Here, Undercurrents Festival 2015

Credit: Andrew Alexander

Far & Near & Here, Undercurrents Festival 2015

Credit: Andrew Alexander

The Lost and Find, SubDevision 2015

Mark B. StephensonM, February 16th, 2017

Join Mark as he unveils a large interactive piece of physical art that you can touch and move, changing the appearance of the art itself into countless permutations. The subject becomes clear and then less defined as we participate in the experience. The work is in its most complete form while CSArt subscribers explore it over the course of the exhibition. For the event finale the exhibition will be separated into its individual parts, allowing each CSArt subscriber to take home a unique piece of art.

Website: www.mste.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/MarkStephensonArtist Twitter: twitter.com/mste

Past work:

Susie Osler & Chris TurnbullWater ~ Table, April 1st, 2017

Gather together around the table, with potter Susie Osler and poet Chris Turnbull, for an evening of conversation and tangible and generative art that includes ceramics, photography, poetry and food. Explore ways that clay, water, and language filter through our experiences. Subscribers will leave with mementos – a cup and poetry to remember the night by.

Susie's website: www.susieosler.com
Facebook: facebook.com/SusieOslerCeramics/
Twitter: twitter.com/susieosler


Susie's past work:

Chris Turnbullrout/e, May 28th, 2017

rout/e is a literary take on the ‘nature note’ we find on trails in conservation areas, parks, and, sometimes urban walks. Since 2011, poet Chris Turnbull has installed/placed poems by contemporary Canadian and international writers on a diverse set of trails mostly in Eastern Ontario, to be encountered by whomever and whatever comes upon them. A spring collection for 2017 will be offered to CSArt subscribers – in the spirit of spring plantings, subscribers will experience a reading nature walk, accompanied by a CSArt supported publication.

Website: www.etuor.wordpress.com
Facebook: twitter.com/ChrisCturnbul
Chris' recently published book

Past work:

Jason Christie, "Trail", rout/e

Just before the hour the news, Fieldwork 2016

Jason Christie, "lands composition"

rout/e, Petrie Island