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Why are the subscriptions so expensive?

It’s a challenge of our initiative: providing enough cash to artists so that they can create original work for all of our subscribers, while still being accessible to buyers. The money spent on subscriptions goes to the artists’ labour, the event planning, the supplies, and getting the art to you.

Think of this way: if last year you bought 2-3 pieces of art, 2 tickets to a live concert, and 2 tickets to a theatre performance, you probably spent at least $400 all told. We’re asking you to take the leap of spending that money up front, and then have all these things provided to you throughout the year. That means all your money stays in Ottawa, supporting our local economy; maybe even supporting an artist in your own neighbourhood. it also means you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the artists, get to know other subscribers, and have fun events in great Ottawa spaces. 


Why are the subscriptions so cheap?

If you’re the type to spend several hundred dollars on a single painting, you may be wondering why our price tag is so much different from that of a gallery. This has to do with our business model: with a group of people pooling their money to pay for the art, a dollar stretches farther.

And we really like it this way. If we can make art more affordable while also paying our artists fairly,  that’s a big success! It also means our seasons will depend on subscriber interest. Smaller subscriber group = smaller events and smaller season. Bigger subscriber group = big possibilities.


What if I don’t like (insert specific art form here)? Can I pick and choose artists I want to support in the season?

In short, no. We’ll be following the model of community-supported agriculture: everybody supports all of the vegetables, both the ones they love and the ones they don’t, all in the spirit of supporting local. By supporting the art forms you most love through CSArt, you’re also supporting the ones that are loved by others, and others are doing the same for you. It’s important to us to bring the arts together, provide ways for artists of different disciplines to collaborate, and support artist of all stripes in our community.

And who knows, maybe you really do like pop music/theatre/painting/ceramics/poetry, but you just haven’t found the right artist yet. Allow us to introduce you.


Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. This is a great way to give an art lover or art student an ongoing way to plug into the Ottawa arts community.


What about kids? Is this family-friendly?

Art is risky business, and we can’t promise that everything we offer will always be family-friendly. BUT: We think that getting people involved in art at a young age is very important, as is experiencing art as a family. Some of our events this year would be great for children to attend.

If you’d like to get your kids involved, contact us at megan@csartottawa.ca.


Have you thought about offering a smaller subscription package, like a community-supported agriculture ‘half-share’?

We’ve thought a lot about this one. Eventually we would like to offer a less expensive subscription for people on a tighter budget, because we believe art should be accessible to all. But at this point we haven’t quite figured out how to do it while paying the artists equally and equitably for their work. We want to avoid situations where some artists would get a lot of patrons and others wouldn’t. There is already a lot of division in the arts and CSArt Ottawa is trying to bring people together.

If you’ve got an idea for how to make this work, contact us!


I get it that artists should be paid, but I honestly can’t afford a subscription. Is there any other way to get involved?

Yes! We need volunteers. Contact megan@csartottawa.ca to get involved.