Who Are We?

Meeting with artists. Contacting businesses for partnership. Piloting an artist-in-residence project at Impact Hub Ottawa through CSArt. Running arts animations. Setting up at art fairs and open houses. Finding subscribers, contacting subscribers, trying to support subscribers. Supporting our season’s artists. Marketing, social media promotion, communications. Budgeting, cutting, budgeting again. Finding time for the growing pile […]


Artists hear it all the time: it’s not good enough to be an artist in your own context. Successful artists make work in big cities. Very successful artists make work in New York, London, Paris, Berlin. Success is defined by how international the work is. Success is rarely defined by how local the work is, […]

Why We Exist

We exist because Ottawa is vibrant, strong, and growing. We exist because there is so much art in Ottawa worth seeing and sharing. We exist because support for the arts and morale in the arts has been declining in Canada over the past 10 years, and we want to be a part of building it […]