Poems to find in Ottawa: Chris Turnbull’s rout/e

At the end of May, we wrapped up our inaugural CSArt Ottawa season with a project by poet Chris Turnbull. Chris runs an ongoing ‘footpress’ called rout/e, which plants poems in wild, and usually rural, spaces. For CSArt, she created a special urban version of the project. Working with Katherine Forster from Wild.Here., Chris planted poems in […]

Water~Table by Susie Osler and Chris Turnbull

  Back when CSArt Ottawa was just a seed of an idea, potter Susie Osler approached me (Megan) with a concept: what about a poetry-pottery collaboration between her and poet Chris Turnbull, revolving around ideas of landscape, environment, farming, and meeting each other around the dinner table?   I immediately fell in love with the […]

Billions of possibilities: Mark B. Stephenson’s ‘M’

  There’s a theme running through all of our art offerings this season: audience interaction. Our painting project was no exception, and last Thursday we invited our subscribers and the public to come see ‘M’, a fully touchable, changeable painting series, with 13,841,287,201 possible permutations.   Yeah, you read that right: 13,841,287,201.   We approached […]