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Brenda Dunn, Grumpy Greetings, featuring Ourson Faché - October 28th, 2017: 7pm

Brenda Dunn is a maker-of-things and the brains behind Art in Jest. This coming CSArt season, she’ll be making custom cards that subvert traditional mass-produced greetings.

The expectations placed on us during the holidays and the pressure to surprise and delight can take the focus away from actual acts of kindness. Instead of a generic sentiments, Brenda will be talking to subscribers about what they celebrate that may not appear in the greeting card aisle. Need a card to celebrate “We Finally Cleaned The Garage Day” or “Thank You For Folding the Laundry”? No problem.

Cards will bring together Brenda's character 'Ourson Faché', as well as her style of water-colour painting. Subscribers will have the option to poke a bit of fun at an existing holiday or making up a holiday of their own, and to get together to send out some real live snail mail. Take that Hallmark!

Website: artinjest.com

"Go away. But not too far and only briefly" Ourson Faché

"I got you flowers... then I ate them" Ourson Faché

Red Fox

Sally Lee Sheeks, Flock – November 25th, 2017:7pm

Sally Lee Sheeks is a drawing and installation artist, committed to simplicity in her work. She loves the pleasure of observing little details — the shadow of a bird's leg, a moving twig — creating space and silence in her drawings and installation, and watching people recognize and appreciate this space. Sally will be working with reclaimed wood to create small drawing and water colour bird blocks, which will come together in a unique installation for CSArt subscribers. Each bird is in a separate space yet belongs to the flock, coming together in an ephemeral exploration of togetherness and individuality.

Each subscriber will receive a piece of the flock, and a ticket to the exhibition event.

Website: sallyleesheeks.com

Past work:

Sparrow, bird block series

Goose, bird block series


L'envol de Sally Lee Sheeks (Ottawa, 2014)

Allan André – February 19th – February 25th, 2018

Allan André’s visual narrative explores an unfamiliar future we are rapidly approaching. Through Augmented Reality this show will take traditional illustration and the graphic novel format to new dimensions by allowing the work to unfold in a 3D space. This story telling debut will address our need for freedom, love, and privacy in a rapidly changing world where technology will allow us to literally enter each other’s minds and hearts - all set in a conflicting time where our new abilities to control one another and our planet might very well exceed our capacity to discern what is morally right.

Allan André is the reigning Canadian speed painting champion, having won the Art Battle National Championship in 2016, and he was recently featured on CBC's Crash Gallery. Allan has earned a reputation for his live painting and mural creation in Ottawa, and his work has been featured in exhibits in New York, Orlando, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

CSArt subscribers will be led through an exploration of this Augmented Reality space, and will receive a framed print of the work.

Website: www.allanandre.com

CBC's Crash Gallery, Oils & Water (2017)

Jill Zmud, Jesse Stewart, Keir Knight, & Carissa Klopoushak,
Strangers Collective 1.0 – April 22nd – April 29th, 2018

What happens when you take one JUNO Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, one National Arts Centre Orchestra violinist, one genre-defying contemporary dancer and one critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter and see what they create? We're about to find out. Jesse Stewart, Carissa Klopoushak, Keir Knight and Jill Zmud join forces to create an original piece of music and dance especially for CSArt subscribers. Expect fun, intimacy and originality. Expect collaboration. Expect to be moved.

Jill Zmud: jillzmud.com
Jesse Stewart: jessestewart.ca
Carissa Klopoushak: carissaklopoushak.com

Jill Zmud recording at Tragically Hip's Bathouse Studios

Jesse Stewart

Keir Knight

Carissa Klopoushak

Cellar Door Project, The Gouzenko Affair – May 12th – May 18th, 2018

Igor Gouzenko sits in Dundonald Park with a bag on his head, wondering why everyone is staring at him. The Gouzenko Affair is a site-specific play that takes place on a park bench in Dundonald Park at Somerset and Lyon. Gouzenko’s decision to give Soviet secrets to the Canadian government changed the way the world behaved from then on, yet it happened in a park in Ottawa. This play is performed for an audience of one: each audience member will be invited to sit next to Gouzenko and experience the moment that sparked the Cold War in Canada.

The Cellar Door Project is a collective based in Kingston and Ottawa that has produced more than 10 site-specific documentary shows since 2012; they make plays in cool places about things that happened in the same spot. The ensemble tell stories of your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood. So far these places have included the oldest cemetery and observatory in the province, two different 19th century jails, a record store, an escape route from the Kingston Penitentiary and the Diefenbunker.

Website: cellardoorproject.com

Tall Ghosts & Bad Weather (2015)

New & Used (2016)